49ers’ Ray-Ray McCloud Defends Himself Against Muffed Punt Criticism

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San Francisco 49ers punt returner Ray-Ray McCloud was unable to come up with a loose ball on a punt from Kansas City Chiefs’ Tommy Townsend late into the third quarter of Super Bowl LVIII

The punt from Townsend ricocheted off the foot of 49ers’ Darrell Luter Jr. and wound up directly in front of McCloud, but the ball took an awkward bounce causing him to misplay it. The Chiefs ultimately dove on top of the loose ball, and converted on a go-ahead touchdown on the very next play following the opportune recovery. 

On Monday, McCloud responded to a football fan on X, who claimed that had that play not happened, Brock Purdy and San Francisco would be Super Bowl champions. 

McCloud defended himself on social media, stating that it wasn’t him who muffed the punt and suggesting that he was trying to save the loose ball by going after it.

“If you don’t know football don’t speak about the play! Cuz that’s not a muff goofy boy!” wrote McCloud on X on Monday.

While McCloud’s attempt to retrieve the loose ball would not be classified as a muff, the deflection off the foot of Luter would, and it was officially scored as such.

It was one of the most unfortunate bounces in Super Bowl history, and although at first glance it appeared that McCloud had brazenly tried to grab a bouncing punt, he wanted to ensure fans knew that was actually not the case. 

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