Andy Reid Breaking Down Chiefs’ Super Bowl LVIII-Winning Play Is a Work of Art

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Long after the bright lights of Super Bowl LVIII have faded and the Kansas City Chiefs have returned home with their third championship in the past five years, two things will remain clear: Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are inevitable. And the “Corn Dog” play still works.

Reid expertly explained his team’s game-winning play that capped Sunday’s 25—22 overtime thriller against the San Francisco 49ers, a play that’s all too appropriately named after a food item.

The Chiefs coach got deep into the schematic specifics of the “Corn Dog” play, describing it as such to NBC’s Peter King: “Tiger 12. So that puts Mecole [Hardman] in. And two tight ends, one running back. Tom and Jerry right. One-way play. We don’t have a lot of one-way plays, but this is it. And it’s gun trips right bunch, F Shuttle. And that gives you a little Corn Dog with some mustard and ketchup.”

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When King asked what part of the call denotes the fake motion, which is the crux of the play, Reid responded, “The shuttle. X shuttle. He’s the X.”

To cap off the winning drive, Kansas City ran the play through wide receiver Mecole Hardman, who got wide open on the right side of the field and easily caught a 3-yard touchdown pass from Mahomes to clinch the victory. 

The Chiefs also ran the “Corn Dog” in last year’s Super Bowl win against the Philadelphia Eagles, when Mahomes found Kadarius Toney for a game-tying touchdown.

After the Chiefs’ most recent Super Bowl title, Reid admitted the two plays were essentially the same.

“Believe it or not, we had Corn Dog last year, and it was Corn Dog again,” Reid said. “This was Corn Dog with a little mustard and ketchup.”

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