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ATC Brokers ‎Launches PAMM Plus Trading Service

FCA-regulated broker ATC Brokers today introduced an improved version of ‎its PAMM service, dubbed “PAMM Plus,” which overcomes traditional ‎limitations similar solutions ‎and allows money managers to operate multi-currency accounts ‎using several brand-new capabilities.‎

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The PAMM Plus software employs a smart logic for position allocation, ‎detecting changes made to client funds upon order placement. The money ‎managers can access their back office to manage multi-layer payouts, ‎monitoring, reporting, and tracking of account activity.‎

The sophisticated BO portal also allows followers to subscribe or ‎unsubscribe to a money manager in real time, monitor the trading activity, ‎pull report summaries, request to deposit or withdraw funds, submit a ticket ‎inquiry and much more.‎

The ability to attach multiple accounts to a master account which is managed ‎by a portfolio manager has been a familiar fixture within FX companies for ‎more than a decade. The value of this service derives from the possibility of ‎merging the knowledge and experience of money managers with the capital ‎of subscribers in order to attain mutually beneficial results‏.‏

Another advantage of PAMM Plus service is that it allows account holders to ‎easily send one batch order to liquidity providers, and one price is allocated ‎to all participants in real time.‎

Manoukian, Co-Founder of ATC Brokers, commented: “Our ‎firm continues to implement innovative technology within the ‎industry. We believe that the PAMM Plus addition to our ‎product line reinforces our commitment to providing clients ‎with software that enhances their trading experience.”‎

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