Axioma and Abel Noser Team Up to Streamline Compliance with SEC Reporting Rules

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Axioma and Abel Noser Team Up to Streamline Compliance with SEC Reporting Rules

Axioma, a provider of risk solutions for buy-side ‎institutions, has announced a new collaboration with Abel ‎Noser Solutions which offers Transaction Cost Analysis ‎‎(TCA) across several asset classes.

The new partnership ‎will result in the launch of an integrated solution that ‎allows registered investment companies to comply with ‎SEC’s Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules and Rule ‎‎22e-4 on liquidity disclosure.‎ The adoption of SEC’s new rules represents a significant increase in the volume of reporting obligations for investment companies.

Axioma presently boasts a diverse suite of equity factor ‎models that caters to a wide pool of buy-side clients. The ‎portfolio management firm’s decision to team up with ‎Abel Noser will facilitate better risk and vendor ‎management in light of newer regulatory constraints. ‎

The partnership will link up with some of the biggest ‎players in the regulatory space and allows potential clients ‎to meet SEC’s modernization regulations that are looking to protect investors with more ‎robust reporting and liquidity risk management requirements.

This announcement is a landmark moment for the expansion of Abel Noser’s operations as it ‎moves to promote its latest product and service lines including US-centric compliance ‎solutions. The company’s fast-growing roster of customers in US spans across all major ‎asset classes including fixed income, FX, futures and global equities trading.‎

Abel Noser’s solutions offer tools to help clients measure their ‎trading results using the firm’s secure universe of trade data. Concerning its FX offering, the ‎ firm helps customers measure the FX trading performance of their custodians, ‎brokers and managers, and view absolute and relative peer cost comparisons based on ‎industry standard metrics. Independent assessments provided by Abel Noser Solutions also ‎allow customers to compare their trade logistics to reports received by interested ‎counterparties.‎

Sunay Shah, Global Head of Partnerships ‎at Axioma, commented: ‎“As registered investment companies grapple with the complexity and ‎burden of the SEC rule changes, it’s crucial that risk technology ‎providers step in with powerful, integrated solutions that help simplify ‎the reporting process. Our cloud-based, front-to-back solutions and 20 years in ‎risk analytics, combined with Abel Noser’s leading position in trade ‎analytics, will expand our capabilities and help our customers address ‎these challenges.”‎

Peter Weiler, President of Abel Noser ‎Solutions, added: ‎“This exciting collaboration with Axioma will offer clients a complete ‎regulatory solution. Our liquidity measurement, TCA and regulatory reporting ‎expertise, combined with Axioma’s extensive reporting library and ‎advantage in analytics, will reduce the burden on customers and ‎enable greater preparedness for the substantial regulatory reporting ‎changes that lie ahead.”‎

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