Bengals Backup Jake Browning Wants to Make Sure He Isn’t a One-Hit Wonder

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Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals

Jake Browning is commanding the Bengals’ offense with Joe Burrow sidelined for the season, and he put on a confident display on Monday night against the Jaguars in what was his first career win in the NFL.

In the win, Browning completed 32-of-37 pass attempts. He racked up 354 passing yards and two total touchdowns.

Set to make his third start of the year during Cincinnati’s Week 14 tilt against the Colts, Browning admitted to reporters that he’s wary of failing to replicate his standout showing from Monday, and becoming something of a one-game wonder.

“I would like to reiterate that it was one good game. Let's stack some of those back to back and not just be the guy who had one good Monday Night game and just fell off," Browning told reporters on Wednesday. "I’m very paranoid about that probably, but I've seen that happen to guys.”

Monday’s game was not only the first win of his NFL career, but it was the first time he won a competitive football game since 2018, during his college days at Washington.

He told reporters he’s trying to stay levelheaded as he approaches Sunday’s clash against Indianapolis.

The 27-year-old set the bar high with his performance on Monday night, but he’s hopeful that he’ll be able to replicate it in front of the Bengals’ home crowd on Sunday and erase any potential narrative about him being a one-game wonder. 

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