Cboe Market Data and Analytics Now Available Through DataShop APIs

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Cboe Market Data and Analytics Now Available Through DataShop APIs

Cboe Global Markets today announced that its market data and trade analytics are now ‎available through Cboe Data Shop API, arming customers with a more robust offering. The ‎newest addition provides subscribers with more tools to leverage ‎API capabilities, as well as ‎additional benchmarks for monitoring execution quality.

Available at datashop.cboe.com, Cboe Data Shop is a dedicated ‎paid ‎data site that is quite user friendly and allows subscribers to ‎customize their data ‎packages based on their needs.‎ To ‎ensure easy interaction with other websites or programs, the data service will ‎distribute Cboe’s information through a suite of four application programming ‎interfaces. ‎

Effective today, market participants will be able to pull market information on ‎demand with an API subscription that facilitates customization of access for trading ‎firms’ specific needs and budgets.

The new Cboe DataShop APIs also includes the Time & Sales API which allow subscribers ‎to access data that has been only available to major U.S. options exchanges and a few‎ large brokers.‎

Catherine ‎Clay, VP and Global Head of Information Solutions at Cboe Global ‎Markets, noted: “The APIs allow data to seamlessly flow into a firm’s or individual’s applications, ‎fitting access to data and analytics within their existing workflows.”

Cboe DataShop provides users with direct and immediate access to a ‎comprehensive set of market intelligence for options, equities, indexes and ‎exchange-traded funds (ETFs).‎

Historical tick data is used primarily for program and ‎automated trading, ‎portfolio management and valuations. ‎It also plays a vital role in supporting the ‎compliance, ‎accounting and audit functions of financial institutions ‎while providing ‎a way for market participants to monetize ‎their trade data.‎

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