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ChainCoin mining & CHC coin update

ChainCoin mining & CHC coin update
In this video I show how I GPU mine CHC crypto currency with AMD R9 290X & 750 TI Video cards.
I will do a video on how to setup a masternode for CHC so you can earn 2 Chaincoins per day.
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Chain coin has a serious community behind it that support this up and coming crypto currency. When I got into CHC Chaincoin it was only $0.38 and now its over $4 per coin. You sure can’t make those returns in a bank. Some say it will hit $100 per coin. I will keep you guys posted.


If you would like to make 2 CHC Chaincoins per day doing nothing but holding 1000 coins in your wallet then setting up a masternode is for you.

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