Clients of OANDA Japan experience issues with certain MT4 indicators

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Clients of OANDA Japan experience issues with certain MT4 indicators

The problems affected the “OANDA Open Order” and “OANDA Order Book Pro” indicators on MT4.

Clients of retail Forex broker OANDA Japan have experienced issues with certain indicators on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform since May 14, 2018. The broker has confirmed that the issues concerned the “OANDA open order” and “OANDA order book Pro” indicators on the platform, with the mobile applications for iOS and Android affected.

Earlier today, OANDA said it had managed to restore the normal operation of the service. It did not elaborate on the cause of the problems but apologized to traders.

This happens after NY MT4 server issues reported by the broker earlier this month, when the charts were not properly displayed.

Similar problems were reported in October 2017. On October 30, 2017, the broker said the charts for a number of currency pairs have not been displayed correctly. It did not elaborate on the cause behind the problem and noted that it is working on restoring the normal service. OANDA Japan noted that the work of the Tokyo MT4 server is normal.

On July 6, the Japanese subsidiary of OANDA Corp reported system problems, as some of the customers of the broker had been unable to log in into MT4 for more than 9 hours. The company explained back then that the issues had affected its Tokyo MT4 server (OANDA Japan FX MT4), the source being the Equinix TY3 data center. In particular, the system failure occurred at the bridge connecting the OANDA contractual system and the MT4 server.

On July 5, OANDA Japan also reported of server issues – for about 10 minutes transactions were not allowed due to problems with the New York server.

Soon after these issues, OANDA Japan presented its “System failure” response policy. The policy describes the main points that OANDA Japan will follow when handling a “system failure”. The latter is defined as a problem that occurs in the broker systems making it impossible for traders to place orders or creating difficulties in their proper execution (for instance, delaying the execution).

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