Cowboys’ Micah Parsons Offers Shameless Tip to Save Money

4 months ago 64

Micah Parsons is an NFL star, a millionaire and, apparently, a momma’s boy. And a resourceful one at that. 

The Cowboys pass rusher, who is active on Twitter, was expressing his fondness of Netflix’s new docuseries, Quarterback, on the social media website when someone commented that they’re surprised he hasn’t complained about the price of Netflix yet. Parsons’s response on Sunday was nothing short of hilarious. 

“My mom still Pays for my phone bill and Netflix brother! Save what you can ! #momma’sboy,” Parsons wrote on Twitter. 

For context, Parsons is currently signed to a four-year rookie deal worth $17 million. A basic Netflix account with ads costs $7 a month. The premium version costs $20. It’s unclear whether his mom is splurging on the premium product for her 24-year-old son. 

The two-time All-Pro apparently has no shame about the arrangement. 

“Why is it bad my mothers loves me! I’m her baby boy!” Parsons humorously responded to a critic.

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