Chaincoin started early in 2014 when alt coins starting to experiment with different hashing algorithms. Chaincoin was the first coin launched with eleven hashing algorithms chained, one on top of the other with intentions of Freedom from centralized banking and creating a strong Society to support the movement into cryptocurrency. Very shortly after launch, Darkcoin (DASH) was launched with almost the same hashing algorithm, just in a slightly different order. This became known as X11. With all the news around Darkcoin (DASH) ChainCoin got missed by many. However, ChainCoin still continues to survive and strive because of those who continued mining over the last few years.
Rank 870
CHC to USD 0.0405794485
CHC to USD 0.00000630
24hr Volume (USD) 1065.46530564
Market Cap (USD) 629457.0
Available Supply 15511716.0
Total Supply 17447289.0
Percent Change (1 hr) 0.65
Percent Change (24 hrs) -6.62
Percent Change (7 days) -20.12