D.K. Metcalf Explains Heartwarming Story Behind Learning ASL for NFL Trash Talk

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Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf had one of the most productive games of his career against the Cowboys on Thursday, burning Dallas for six catches, 134 yards and three touchdowns in defeat.

However, Metcalf made headlines as much for what he did after his first touchdown as for his play. As he strode into the end zone for a 73-yard first-quarter score, he signed "standing on business" into Amazon's camera in perfect American Sign Language.

On Wednesday, Metcalf explained his odyssey learning ASL to Seattle reporters.

"I took one ASL course in college, a summer course," Metcalf said. "I enjoyed the class. I'm always trying to exercise my mind, learn something new."

As time went on, Metcalf came to see how he could bring awareness of the language to those less familiar with it.

"My teacher—we talk over Zoom once a week, every Tuesday. His name's Darrell Utley from Tennessee," Metcalf said. "It's been fun, every time we interact and I know something he signs to me... I get to challenge myself to learn something new and also to bring light to a community who I didn't know felt unseen."

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