Deion Sanders Laments Lack of ‘Privacy’ in First Season Coaching Colorado

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Colorado Buffaloes

Colorado Buffaloes

Colorado coach Deion Sanders is well known for being one of the most media-friendly athletes of all time. From his do-it-all Florida State days to life in the NFL and MLB to his second act on television, "Prime Time" and the camera have had a symbiotic relationship spanning decades, cities, sports and media.

When Sanders took over the Buffaloes this season, the spotlight shone on the Hall of Fame defensive back like never before. What did he think of this phenomenon? The answer, to deploy an old blogging cliché, may surprise you.

"You always wish that you had a little more privacy," Sanders told People writer Natasha Dye in a Tuesday exclusive. "The same thing that makes you shine will show your blemishes."

In September, Colorado became a cultural phenomenon as it jumped out to a 3-0 start. However, injuries, a lack of depth, an ill-timed coaching change and a tough Pac-12 conspired to doom the Buffaloes to a 4-8 record.

"You've got to take the good with the bad. You can't just want everyone there when the hype machine is rolling, you have to understand there's another side to this," Sanders said.

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