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Dukascopy Connect 911 app gets equipped with “Roadmap”

The Roadmap helps clients understand where they are in the registration process for Dukascopy Bank account.

It has been a while since Swiss online trading and banking services provider Dukascopy Bank SA made any noteworthy enhancements to the Dukascopy Connect 911 app – a modern messenger for smartphones, with instant mobile payments system and a social network.

The latest version of the app for iOS devices (3.2.16), released earlier today, focuses on facilitating the process of account opening with the bank. The app is now equipped with a roadmap. The Roadmap allows users of the solution to understand where they are in the registration process for Dukascopy Bank account opening. To access the feature, go to the Dukascopy Bank button to see what steps are left to finalise your account opening.

The latest version of the app also offers general stability improvements and minor UI fixes.

Let’s note that the solution offers a mobile Q&A service that was developed in order to allow traders to receive relevant help from community experts.

The app may be used for secure instant messaging, voice&video calls, as well as file sharing between multiple platforms. One of the main features of Dukascopy Connect is that it allows to use one account on multiple devices; all data is synchronized across each device in real-time.

In November last year, Dukascopy updated the app by enhancing the communication aspect of the solution. In particular, users of the solution got the ability to send video messages to others or send a video response for Dukascopy 911 questions. Improvements in stability and camera application accompanied these video features.

Dukascopy has voiced its plans to take Connect 911 to the next level by welcoming bots to the 911 platform. As a result, the company expects to see a competition between artificial intelligence solutions and human beings on the platform with regards to providing the most timely, accurate and relevant answers.

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