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GAIN Capital’s GetGo mobile app becomes available on Android devices

The solution features a full suite of ‘How to’ tools designed to get traders started quickly and easily.

Some six months after international online trading services provider Gain Capital Holdings Inc (NYSE:GCAP) launched its AI-enhanced trading app GetGo on iOS devices, the solution becomes available to owners of Android-powered gadgets too. The GetGo Android app is now available on the Google Play store, with the developers promising they are going to regularly update and improve the app.

Traders are invited to check out GetGo’s trade signals with a free 7-day preview, then create their account to start trading.

The solution features a full suite of ‘How to’ tools designed to get traders started quickly and easily. It offers traders to get real-time trade signals as notifications, as well as to make use of flexible trade sizes. The range of markets includes FTSE, DOW JONES, DAX, GOLD, OIL, as well as a number of currency pairs like EUR/USD and USD/JPY.

GetGo’s unique algorithm reads through millions of data points across global indices, currency and commodities markets looking for price patterns that have led to consistent trading outcomes in the past. When it spots a pattern it thinks might repeat, it pings traders a signal. All a trader needs to decide is: GetGo or No-Go?

GetGo’s Level suggests where traders might want to set their Profit Target based on past performance.

GetGo shows users of the app the trading opportunity, sets a price for the trade to trigger and the end time at which the trade will close. Traders simply decide whether or not to trade it before the time runs out, and they can do that in seconds knowing their Potential Profit and Max Loss in advance.

Using historical patterns to guide trading decisions is a well-established discipline among professional traders, and GetGo uses continuous back-testing and machine learning to get better and better at spotting the patterns that matter. Every signal comes with an automatic guaranteed stop loss to protect one’s downside.

The app may not be available to traders in all regions. Let’s recall that the app for iOS gadgets was initially rolled out by GAIN in the United Kingdom, with the company planning to launch the solution in other markets throughout 2018.

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