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IG Community expands its reach

The forum is more easily accessible now, and even guests are allowed to post without necessarily being logged in.

The team behind IG Community, the forum for traders and those willing to get in touch with online trading major IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG) in a more informal environment, has provided an update on the novelties from the past month.

Overall, one can safely say that the IG Community is now more open and user friendly.

First off, guests can now post without necessarily needing to be logged into Community. This does not mean that the forum will be flooded with spam. In order to make sure that all content is still relevant and interesting, the IG Community team asserts that all guest posts will have to be approved by a moderator before being publicly visible. The team would like to make sure that quality over quantity remains, however the recent trial seems to have gone well and the Community is getting more relevant posts to add to discussion.

Recently, a trial of the new ‘poll’ feature on a post relating to new cryptocurrencies has been conducted. Currently only moderators can post polls, however if IG clients would like to have this function, they are welcome to let the IG team know about it. The broker is interested in who would make use of this function.

Finally, one can access the Community from the top navigation bar on – it may not sound like a big change, but it allows traders to get to the forum very quickly from anywhere on the environment (look for the global black navigation bar at the top). Inclusion in MyIG is expected shortly.

The upgraded and renovated IG Community was presented in June this year. The IG Community team has migrated over all the posts, likes, ‘kudos’ and private messages from the previous version of the forum, as well as integrated the Community login with the wider IG eco system so that users can enjoy a seamless digital experience between the platform and forum. Traders should be able to see all their previously posted content under the same Community username as they currently use.

There are also several new content areas. The forum offers three blogs which will be updated periodically:

  • Market News – Daily morning briefings, index dividend adjustments, and one-off articles;
  • IG Product Updates – A place to let traders know about all the things IG rolls out;
  • IG Community Blog – Competitions, ‘Ask the Expert’ series, and Community updates.

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