Jazz’s Ed Croswell Landed on Foe’s Groin After Summer League Dunk, and Fans Had Jokes

4 months ago 153

Jazz rookie Ed Croswell was trying to make the most of his limited minutes during Utah’s Summer League clash against the Rockets on Sunday night.

After Croswell scored on a dunk, for his only points of the game, the 6’8” forward hung on the rim as he tried to land safely on the floor. Unfortunately, Houston’s Nate Hinton was lying underneath the basket after being knocked to the floor.

When Croswell released the rim and fell back to the floor, he landed squarely on the groin of Hinton, who grimaced in pain after what appeared to be incidental contact. 

However, officials reviewed the play, and Croswell was issued a flagrant 1 foul.

Hinton’s face says it all, as the Rockets rookie looked to be in significant discomfort after having his groin landed on by a 240-pound opponent. 

NBA fans on social media took notice of the play, and they provided plenty of jokes in the aftermath of Croswell’s awkward landing. 

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