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JPX promises trading will be normally conducted after connection failure

Following yesterday’s partial connection failure affecting the equity trading system, the Exchange says today’s trading will be conducted normally.

JPX has sought to reassure market participants on the soundness of its services after yesterday’s partial connection failure that affected the Exchange’s equity trading system.

In a brief notice on its website today, JPX said:

“Today’s trading will be conducted normally.

All load balancing devices are working normally”.

On October 9th, JPX confirmed that some of the channels for connecting the stock trading system (arrowhead) to the brokers-dealers had been disrupted. There are several connecting routes to this system, and brokers-dealers are requested to switch to connecting routes other than the failure route, the Exchange explained.

Some brokers-dealers experienced problems with connecting to the system. The companies that suffered disruptions to their services include brokerages like SMBC Nikko Securities and Mizuho Securities. They managed to restore the affected services although they also warned of some delays in processing of orders and other minor issues that can be solved with the help of customer service.

Let’s recall that JPX, in cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders, such as financial institutions and IT vendors, conducts proof of concept (PoC) testing and research to discuss the possibility of applying blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) to capital market infrastructure. The purpose of these efforts is, inter alia, to avoid tech issues and help solve them more quickly.

The consortium conducting the tests consists of 33 Japanese financial institutions and other related organizations, which deploy DLT applications for financial infrastructure developed by financial institutions, IT vendors, and other related entities, as well as issue proposals on PoC testing and assess the need for such applications.

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