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MultiCharts 12.0 goes live

The platform has grown out of its beta version and now offers new features such as a native chart type for the Time Price Opportunity analysis.

The creators of MultiCharts have announced the release of MultiCharts 12.0, with the platform growing out of its beta version. In line with previous reports, the platform offers a range of new features, including TPO aka Market Profile, and Matrix Optimization.

The latest version of MultiCharts offers a native chart type for the Time Price Opportunity analysis. Profile values are accessible from the code, so that traders can run backtesting, optimization, and even perform auto trading, all from the TPO chart. The company has made this feature flexible – the customization options allow for flawless switching from any other TPO tool a trader may be familiar with. In addition, the developers claim that TPO is crisp and clear on any display one may use – the profiles can auto fit any screen, whether it is a laptop or a 4K monitor.

Also, the MultiCharts team has completely reworked the graphical user interfaces of all optimization types. The all-new interface features Matrix Optimization for determining the most optimal parameters for regular re-optimization and evaluating the Strategy Robustness. Optimization runs are now available for viewing in an easy to use format that will reflect any changes made in the settings. Traders can review the best found values and configure the amount of CPU cores utilized by the optimization while it runs.

The list of advantages of MultiCharts includes the capabilities it gives to its users to easily switch between various brokers or select more than one broker to use. A trader can also chose one or multiple data feeds which to use. This is valued by software developers who would like to test their indicators or automated trading strategies using data feeds from several brokers.

The platform is also know for its technical analysis and backtesting capabilities. The 11.0 version of MultiCharts, for instance, introduced improvements to the Walk Forward Optimization (WFO) report making it more informative and customizable. The backup of platform data was also made easier.

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