Name of Chiefs’ Super Bowl-Winning Play Is So on Brand for Andy Reid

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Kansas City Chiefs

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San Francisco 49ers

The Kansas City Chiefs won their third Super Bowl title in five seasons with a 25–22 victory over the San Francisco 49ers in overtime Sunday at Allegiant Stadium.

The game-winning play—a three-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Patrick Mahomes to receiver Mecole Hardman—was named something that would only be found in coach Andy Reid’s playbook. 

Corn Dog.

“The call was different, but it’s like the same exact motion as ‘Corn Dog,’” Mahomes said to CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson after the win. “And we brought it back at the right time.

“Coach Reid, he’s a legend, man.”

It’s not the first time that play has been used in the Super Bowl, either. The Chiefs busted it out multiple times in their 38–35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles last year in Super Bowl LVII, including the game-tying touchdown to Kadarius Toney in the fourth quarter.

“It’s called Corn Dog,” Reid told NBC Sports’ Peter King last year. “There’s nothing better than a good corn dog with some mustard and ketchup.” 

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The last time the Chiefs beat the 49ers in the Big Game, Super Bowl LIV in 2020, the play “Jet Chip Wasp” helped Kansas City erase a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit.

And now “Corn Dog” has its rightful place in Chiefs history. And more than likely, also in Reid’s kitchen cabinet.

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