Poll: Would you ditch Google and consider switching to GrapheneOS?

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Calvin Wankhede / Android Authority

My colleague Calvin recently decided to ditch Google and switch to GrapheneOS on his Pixel 6. He found the latter is an excellent option for users who want a privacy-focused phone without subjecting themselves to Google’s inescapable data collection practices.

Not only does GrapheneOS allow you to continue using Google’s apps and services, but it also makes them behave better on your phone. In simple terms, GrapheneOS delivers a secure Android experience without compromising your phone’s usability. It also packs some valuable features that stock Android should ideally adopt.

Would you consider switching to GrapheneOS?

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So we thought of asking you if you would be open to using GrapheneOS and de-Google your smartphone. You can still download apps from the Play Store, get push notifications via Google’s servers, and even sync your data as usual — all of this with the upside of privacy and Google not being able to gather your data.

Take our poll above and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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