Shannon Sharpe’s Twitter Likes Give Insight Into Reported Skip Bayless Breakup

8 months ago 236

Shannon Sharpe’s expected exit from Undisputed on FS1 has made waves in the sports media industry, as the former tight end has been on the network since 2016. While the reasoning for his departure isn’t public, many believe it’s because Sharpe has had enough working with personality Skip Bayless.

On social media, Sharpe did not temper that idea with his Twitter likes, instead seemingly fanning the flames that he believes he is the better part of the show. Sharpe liked several tweets praising him for his work on the show, as many people argued they only watched the show for him and not Bayless.

Additionally, Sharpe may have liked one tweet that outwardly criticized Bayless by calling him a “piece of s---.” However, if he did like that tweet, he has since unliked it as it is no longer visible on his likes page, unlike the tweets above.

It is yet to be reported who will replace Sharpe on Undisputed, or where Sharpe will go after his reported departure from the network later this month. It appears that whomever does replace Sharpe to debate Bayless is in for a tremendous challenge.

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