Spencer Dinwiddie Explains Odd $1 Bonus in Lakers' Contract for Winning NBA Championship

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Few questioned Spencer Dinwiddie’s decision to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers after getting waived on Saturday. One strange detail in Dinwiddie’s contract, however, has caused some to scratch their heads in confusion.

Dinwiddie has a $1 bonus in his contract that kicks in if the Lakers win the NBA championship this year. Just one dollar.

The 30-year-old guard was asked why his bonus was that specific amount during Monday’s media availability, and it has to do with Dinwiddie’s close bond with his agent, Jason Glushon.

“So in my last deal, there were a series of bonuses tied to winning and stuff like that, one of those things being the dollar championship bonus,” Dinwiddie said. “A lot of people thought it was kind of funny at the time when I signed with the Wizards, but me and Glushon basically made a deal that we were going to keep it in whatever deal I signed—if possible—going forward. It’s kind of like a thing me and him bond over.”

Dinwiddie continued, “Now that I’m actually on a team that has championship aspirations, people are like, ‘Why the hell would you do a dollar?’ But it has more to do with the ties between me and my agent than anything monetary.”

Dinwiddie started working with L.A.-based agent Jason Glushon in 2021, a few months before he joined the Washington Wizards on a sign-and-trade deal. The veteran guard would play for two more teams and reunite with the Brooklyn Nets before getting sent to the Toronto Raptors at this year’s NBA trade deadline and be subsequently waived.

Of all the teams Dinwiddie has gone through in the last several years, his current stint with the Lakers arguably gives him his best shot at winning a ring. And if he does, he’ll pocket an extra dollar in the name of loyalty and for the sake of a fun little tradition.

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